Documentary wedding photographer in Italy

Documentary photography has become a style which partially came from photojournalism.

Why do I love documentary wedding photography?

Because I can shoot the genuine and fleeting moments. Like I do in my private life, I can observe and listen to any detail. I’m descreet and unobstrusive. I’m only a guest at your wedding doing my job without interrupting your celebration to make you pose for me.

The photographic story of your weeding will be candid, pure and elegant and true!

Ah.. if you want a group photo, do not hesitate to ask me..I’ll be there for you!

german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_018 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_016 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_013 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_010 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_007 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_005 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_028 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_025 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_023 german_newlyweds_in_garda_lake_022