Wedding in Villa Vecelli Cavriani – Mozzecane Verona

Il davanzale romantico di Villa Cavriani Matrimonio a Villa Cavriani Sposarsi a Villa Cavriani Villa Cavriani sala ricevimento

I found Villa Vecelli in Mozzecane (Verona) just between Verona and Mantova, thanks to a superbly arranged event.
While approaching the villa, my attention was suddenly captured by the perfect balance between soberness and elegance.
Impeccable and talented service guarantees a perfect celebration in every detail.
Villa Cavriani offers plentiful photo opportunities!
The elegant exterior, the imposing steps and the warm colours of the paintings in the aperitif bar created a very romantic photographic backdrop, sometimes almost touching when looking at the big tummy of the happy bride.
The very elegant however absolutely modern big dining room was perfect for my young shots.
A very detailed wedding story.