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I am a dreamer, I love listening and I am a simple person.

I am attracted to emotions, gestures and sound of people.

These are the three main ingredients that stimulate my curiosity, my interest for observation and understanding of personalities.

The professions born from the passions, are usually the mirror of our childhood; the mechanic as a child played with plastic keys and hummers, the farmer with toy tools, the pilot with model airplanes…

As a child I loved sitting for hours on the central bench in my small town observing people around me, knowing them in my own way.

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As an adolescent, I felt to express my artistic nature and I decided to buy a guitar and take lessons. For years I have followed this inclination for the music, attending schools and exhibiting me, then this devotion attenuated and transformed.

One night, I was sitting at home thoughtful, when my gaze fixed my paper archive of personal photographs, perfectly preserved and tidy.

It was in that moment that I decided to participate to a photography course.

I began to understand that photography was my strenght.

I attended (and still do) multiple courses, schools and workshop across Italy with artists of world fame, from which I have learned the technique, the secrets and the desire to experiment.

Now I am a fierce and proud wedding photographer reporter, and also a happy husband and father of an amazing creature.