How do you define your style?

My style is documentary photography.
This genre implies a few poses, trying to tell every aspect of your day in a natural way.
I won’t be the director of your day, I’ll be as descreet as possible and out of way.

How do you conduct yourself with the couple on their wedding day?

I’m unobstrusive, descreet. No constant set up shots. They call me “transparent”. I won’t ask you to pose for me.

How far would you travel to photograph a wedding?

Although I’m based in Verona, I will happily travel to other locations subject to previous agreement.

How do we book your services for our weeding?

Get in touch, send me an e mail: [email protected], or give me a call on the number written on our website under the section “contacts” We can arrange a meeting where you prefer (in my studio, or at your place), in order to talk about my kind of job and your ideas.
We will need to fill out a booking form which will become the contract and we will ask for a booking fee.

Do you need something in particular on the wedding day?

I normally prefer to be informed in advance if you want me to take care of some details. Do you need a photo with a friend? The group shot? A photo with your grandmother? In case one of your guests wants to have a sweet memory of this day, tell him that I can do it without troubles.

Do you expect a meal?

I never say no to food and a meal is always welcomed. If I eat while you eat, it means I won’t miss anything on the day. Otherwise, I will have to go away for about one hour.

Are we obliged to sign the release agreement?

The photograph authorisation is an integral part of the contract. I will ask you to complete it and sign it. Your photos will be published on my website and on the social networks as owner of the copyright (law of 22nd April 1941 n.633). Your pictures made me more famous, you’ve met me thanks to my work. In case the couple ask me for exclusivity, this will be quantified while estimating the costs.
Quoted: the photographer can ask a fee for giving his “negatives” whenever the customer asks (art. 98 law 633/41 and sentence of the Court of Cassation 4094 of 26.6.1980).

How much will we have to pay for our wedding?

The actual costs are in line with the average market prices as regards professional photography. So get in touch and tell us as much as you can, and we can talk about the price.

How long will it take until we can view our photographs? Who will choose them?

I usually can supply all the photos taken in a full resolution Jpeg format on a bespoke USB after 2/3 weeks; they will be divided into folders according to the different moments of the day.
I will also add a folder with “the best photos according to the photographer”, about 100 images post-edited by me (those who deserve to be put on your album, if requested).
We will arrange a meeting (via Skype if necessary) for the definitive selection of the photos and a view of the “final cut”. The printed album will be delivered after about 2/3 months from your confirmation.

Can we choose the type of album?

Yes, of course. We can show you our range of covers and papers in our studio; albums can be customized according to your taste and requests. Albums are produced by Graphistudio (www.graphistudio.it).

What do you think about reportage? Why did you choose it?

Actually, I didn’t choose. It chose me. That’s what I think.

Always at your disposal for any further information…